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This week sees the launch of Inside Ideas Group, a new brand to be shared by Dare, Adjust Your Set, Aylesworth Fleming and OLIVER.

The move was jointly masterminded by Milan Semelak, the Group’s Chief Disruption Officer, and Simon Martin, OLIVER’s founder & Chief Executive Officer.

Here they are with the reasons behind the rebrand, what it means for the Group and its agencies, and why clients should care…

So what’s the story behind the rebrand? How did it come about?

Simon: “Over the last ten years, we’ve developed a proposition around transforming businesses by being inside their worlds. We’ve found that the opportunities presented by this approach, for collaborative working and for aligning values and objectives, are the best way to deliver positive, truly effective change for clients, and so we wanted to reflect that in our branding.”

Milan: “For me it’s a natural evolution of the values that underpin the in-house model. The product itself is really very simple, but by enabling the agency to bring the right talent or right service to any organisation at just the right time, it uniquely lends itself to creating genuinely useful strategic solutions.”

Simon: “Yes, and after ten years of success and refinement, and still being the only company that can do this, it’s now clear that this should become the central focus for the whole business.”

OLIVER has effectively always been an Inside Ideas company, but what does this mean for the other brands in the Group?

Simon: “It gives them a clear strategic focus on delivering Inside Ideas. Their individual brands won’t change, and they’ll continue to offer their core USPs: Dare as digital design engineers, Adjust Your Set as a specialist content agency, and Aylesworth Fleming as a marketing localisation agency. When these agencies joined the Group the plan was always for them to deliver on these goals from inside clients’ worlds; the Inside Ideas marque gives a shared identity to that approach and helps them advertise it.”

Milan: “It also provides a narrative logic. We now have a very clear story to tell internally, in our conversations with brands and clients, and also as we acquire new companies. Rather than simply being a cluster of different agencies, we’re united around a philosophy of drilling holes into clients’ worlds, bringing in products, talent and ideas, setting trends, and then using that new infrastructure as a helicopter pad for the wider range of services offered by the rest of the Group.”

Agencies rebrand all the time. Why should clients/prospective clients care?

Milan: “Because it represents an entire new dimension to what clients can expect from an agency. When I meet prospective clients they always ask if the model is about saving time and costs. And of course it is, partly, but cheap and fast isn’t unique. What’s unique is having eyes and ears inside the world’s biggest brands, and knowing what they’re going to do next. It’s about the boardroom creative. It’s about answering campaign briefs with new product propositions. It’s business-transforming.”

Simon: “The key emphasis for me is that it’s a totally unique proposition – and on that merit, our business will scale and grow because no other business can deliver the same kind of performance and results and change. The Inside Ideas brand stakes our claim on that space.”

Could other industries benefit from Inside Ideas thinking? For instance, are there any obstacles to a law firm or IT consultancy doing the same thing?

Simon: “Absolutely other industries can benefit. The only obstacles are conventions and stereotypes in peoples’ ways of working, and it’s our job to help clients overcome that. We see huge opportunities for bringing the concept and performance of Inside Ideas to industries such as law; even the medical profession could benefit from Inside Ideas.”

Milan: “Inside Ideas depend on great creative thinkers, and these aren’t unique to the advertising profession. They abound in industries such as law, IT, HR, accountancy, etc. If you put these people in an environment where they can learn as much, as fast as they can, the ideas will happen. It’s applicable to any industry.”

Ideas is a big word. What if the client just wants work?

Simon: “Then work is what they’ll get. Ideas aren’t just hefty creative concepts; they can also be ways of fine-tuning day-to-day processes.”

Milan: “Precisely. The important thing is that it’s not about ideas, it’s about Inside Ideas. Say you’re creating below-the-line material; you start with the work and finish the job. But if you do all that stuff right, that can evolve into creating propositions at board level, which in turn leads to more BTL. It’s an endless cycle of opportunities based on being there and knowing what the client needs, and it benefits the agency as well.”

Simon: “Yes, it’s about having the opportunity to spot the opportunity to do something better. Inside Ideas can lead to anything – improvements in processes, technology, an ability to provide better customer service, etc. And we shouldn’t associate the “Ideas” too closely with the advertising and marketing world because that’s not really what this is about. It’s about Inside Ideas.”

Final thoughts?

Simon: “Inside Ideas is a philosophy founded on shared values, on aligned goals and objectives. It’s a humble, honest approach that’s about creating, learning and improving together. It’s about reaching out into businesses in the many different corners of the world and doing great work, built on Inside Ideas.”

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About Milan


Milan Semelak has worked as a consultant for a host of global brands, including Allianz, Mini, Absolut and Daylong, and also undertook a two-year stint at VCCP.

He joined OLIVER in early 2016. He launched OLIVER Prague and OLIVER Bratislava in early 2016 with O2 as the founding client, and now serves as Chief Disruption Officer for the Inside Ideas Group.

About Simon


Simon Martin is Chief Executive Officer of Inside Ideas Group and OLIVER Global. He started out in financial services, and left his post as Intygra Commercial Director to found OLIVER in 2004.

Drawing on a range of business experience that encompasses general management, marketing and more, he’s led OLIVER through 13 years of unprecedented growth. His aim is for Inside Ideas Group to continue on this trajectory and become a global market leader.

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