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Stick with English

English Apples and Pears Ltd – Integrated campaign

25k Facebook likes achieved

1.3 million Reach through Twitter alone

53 million Combined reach through press, display, radio and social media

4 Films written, filmed and produced in-house

<p>This frameset document contains this <a href="">video hosted on Vimeo</a></p>
<p>This frameset document contains this <a href="">video hosted on Vimeo</a></p>


English Apples’ objectives for 2015 included supporting English apple growers and boosting awareness of English apples among shoppers and consumers.

Tapping into the shared memories of the Nation, we developed a campaign which made the ‘Union Jack’ sticker the hero, encouraging the audience to share their ‘sticker story’ memories, and to ‘look for the sticker in-store’.

Using press, radio and digital display media targeted at female shoppers – ‘busy Mums’ – we successfully established the ‘sticker memories’ campaign, as measured by steady growth in social media activity.

Throughout 2016, a series of light-hearted films (all produced wholly in-house) have developed the campaign theme and built a platform for growth across other brands and markets for English Apples.



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